The Southeastern Microscopy Society is a scientific organization comprised of professional microscopists working in the life, medical, and physical sciences. The Society is dedicated to the advancement of scientific research and discovery through the use of microscopy and its associated methodologies.

SEMS began in 1964 as an effort of electron microscopists from throughout the southeast to share knowledge and insight in their field. The society has since expanded its scope and changed its name to reflect current trends and needs within the microscopy community. READ MORE

The Southeastern Microscopy Society (SEMS) is a Local Affiliate Society (LAS) of the Microscopy Society of America (MSA), and an Affiliated Regional Society (AReS) of Microanalysis Society (MAS) with members ranging geographically throughout the southeastern United States. The SEMS Community is comprised of university students, faculty and staff; private sector and government staff scientists; and microscopy vendors. SEMS began in 1964 at Emory University and hosts annual meetings in various locations throughout the Southeast to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge and nest practices for laboratories and imaging facilities.